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Tbilisi State Medical University (თბილისის სახელმწიფო სამედიცინო უნივერსიტეტი) is a Government University established since 1918 and become one of the top Universities in Tbilisi and Caucasus Region.

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Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) stands out for its seamless integration of teaching, research, medical, and pharmaceutical activities, essential for comprehensive medical education. Through a diverse array of undergraduate, postgraduate, residency, and professional development programs, TSMU ensures learners at all stages receive top-tier education and training.

A core tenet of TSMU is its dedication to lifelong learning and student-centered education. By offering continuous education and skill development opportunities, the university not only prepares students for their initial healthcare roles but also supports their ongoing professional growth.

TSMU’s education is multilingual, conducted in Georgian, English, and Russian, reflecting its global perspective and commitment to diverse communities. This approach not only attracts a varied student body but also fosters collaboration among professionals from around the world.

With a focus on fundamental and clinical sciences, research, and practical skills, TSMU equips graduates to tackle the complexities of modern healthcare. By emphasizing academic knowledge, information management, clinical reasoning, and communication skills, the university prepares students for success in a competitive healthcare landscape.

As a leader in medical education and research in Georgia and the Caucasus region, TSMU plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare knowledge and innovation. By further solidifying its position as an internationally recognized center for medical education and research, the university will continue to drive improvements in healthcare outcomes globally.

Tbilisi State Medical University Tuition Fee

The following are the TSMU’s Courses in English with their tuition fee;

All Programs
  • US Medical Doctor Program – Tuition fee for International students: 13,500 USD per year
  • Medical Doctor Program – Tuition fee: 8,000 USD per year
  • Dental Medicine Program – Tuition fee: 7,000 USD per year
  • Pharmacy Program – Tuition fee: 3,500 USD per year
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program – Tuition fee: 3.000 USD per year

Duration of Programs at Tbilisi State Medical University

The duration of the course in TSMU varies from 4 to 6 years depending on the chosen program.

Intake for the Tbilisi State Medical University 

The course at the TSMU usually commences in March & September. It is one of the Most Reputed Universities in Georgia. They have limited seats for international students. The admission Process is Always open, Students better start applying for this University as soon as possible Because the Seats are Limited.

Admission requirements for the Tbilisi State Medical University

  • Grade 12th Results. (Equivalent to A-Level)
  • 1 Passport-size photographs
  • Passport
  • Transfer Certificate (For Transferring Students)
  • Transcript of Grades & Syllabus (For Transferring Students)

Apply for Tbilisi State Medical University

Learn about (TSMU) and all the key elements of how to submit an Admission at the Tbilisi State Medical University, when to apply, your application and what happens once you apply.

About Tbilisi State Medical University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition fees of Tbilisi State Medical University Medicine?

To Study Medicine at Tbilisi State Medical University, tuition fees for international students start from $8000 per year.

Tbilisi State Medical University world ranking Placed in the top #1000 Universities and in Georgia it placed at #3

TSMU holds national Institutional authorization Like WHO and NMC Also programs accredited by EQE Georgia

TSMU Offers a Variety of Schools for International Students with Affordable Tuition Fees

Tbilisi State Medical University school of Medicine is Recognized by NMC, WHO, ECFMG, and FAIMER.

NMC is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI)

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