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Georgian National University SEU (საქართველოს ეროვნული უნივერსიტეტი სეუ) is one of the private Universities in Georgia, with more than 20 Years of History with highly qualified academic staff and Modern Facilities.

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Founded in 2001, Georgian National University SEU distinguishes itself as a leading for-profit private higher education establishment nestled in the vibrant city of Tbilisi. Endorsed by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and holding full accreditation from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI), SEU offers an extensive array of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs spanning various academic disciplines.

With an admission rate ranging between 60% and 70%, SEU welcomes aspiring students from across the globe, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning community. Beyond its academic offerings, SEU provides comprehensive facilities and services, including a well-stocked library, student housing, sports facilities, financial aid opportunities, study abroad programs, and administrative support.

Driven by its core mission, SEU places a strong emphasis on fostering academic independence, critical thinking, and personal responsibility among its student body. The university is committed to providing a supportive learning environment that meets contemporary educational standards and promotes student and faculty mobility through partnerships with local and international institutions.

SEU’s four faculties offer a diverse range of 15 bachelor’s, master’s, and medical doctorate programs, all of which are delivered in English and Georgian. For international students, SEU offers specialized programs in Business Administration and Medicine, both conducted entirely in English.

Georgian National University SEU emerges as a top choice for aspiring medical professionals worldwide, offering a multitude of compelling advantages:

  • SEU boasts state-of-the-art academic facilities at competitive rates, free from hidden charges.
  • Instruction is conducted primarily in English, supplemented by Georgian language courses.
  • The university holds prestigious recognition from the MCI and WHO, affirming the quality and legitimacy of its medical programs.
  • SEU provides comfortable and well-equipped student accommodations.
  • The university’s admission process is straightforward and transparent, facilitating ease of enrollment.
  • SEU’s advanced curriculum adheres to rigorous international standards.
  • A dedicated team of 97 assistant professors and 133 faculty members are committed to guiding and supporting medical aspirants.
  • SEU actively engages in tailored educational activities catered to the unique needs of medical students.
  • Collaborations with Georgian and international institutions enrich the educational experience.
  • SEU prioritizes inclusivity by creating supportive environments for students with disabilities.
  • Medical aspirants are exempt from English proficiency tests or entrance exams, simplifying the MBBS admission process at SEU.




SEU in search of accomplishing its mission will provide students with:

  • Academic independence
  • Freedom of choice and opportunities
  • Critical thinking
  • Realizing responsibility for their own needs
  • Encouragement of success
  • Enhancement of personal opportunities

Educational Service in SEU is oriented on:

  • Challenges of modern knowledge in correspondence with modern requirements.
  • Advantageous conditions for disabilities
  • Encouragement of students and faculty mobility
  • Collaboration with Georgian and foreign higher institutions
  • Providing graduates with further perspectives on national and international levels.

4 faculties of SEU, 15 BA, MA and MD programs are taught in English and Georgian. To international students, SEU offers two programs: Business administration (BA) and Medicine (a single-step educational program). Both programs are in English medium.

Students across the globe seeking to pursue an MBBS career must choose Georgian National University for MBBS education:

  • SEU provides excellent academic facilities at less prices without hidden charges.
  • The medium of teaching is English and the Georgian language.
  • The university is fully recognized by MCI and WHO.
  • The university provides accommodation facilities occupied with all amenities required for the living of the students.
  • The admission process is simple and qu
  • The advanced study curriculum of the university is designed according to international standards.
  • The university comprises 97 assistant professors and 133 faculties guiding worldwide medical aspirants.
  • The university conducts educational activities for medical students.
  • The university is in collaboration with Georgian and higher institutions.
  • Creates favourable conditions for students with disabilities.
  • The medical aspirants don’t need to appear for any English proficiency test or any entrance exam for doing MBBS at SEU

Georgian National University SEU tuition fees

The following are the SEU’s Courses in English with their tuition fees;

SEU Medical School

• Medicine (6 years) $ 5,500 Dollars per year

• BusinessAdministration (4 years) $3,500 per year 

Duration of Programs in Georgian National University SEU

The duration of the course at Georgian National University SEU varies from 4 to 6 years depending on the chosen program.

Intake for Georgian National University SEU

The course at SEU usually commences in March & September. It is one of the Most Reputed Universities in Georgia. They have limited seats for international students. The admission Process is Always open, Students better start applying for this University as soon as possible Because the Seats are Limited.

Admission requirements for the Georgian National University SEU

  • Grade 12th Results. (Equivalent to A-Level)
  • 1 Passport-size photographs
  • Passport
  • Transfer Certificate (For Transferring Students)
  • Transcript of Grades & Syllabus (For Transferring Students)

Apply for Georgian national university (SEU)

Learn about (SEU) and all the key elements of how to submit an Admission at the Georgian International University, when to apply, your application and what happens once you apply.

About Georgian National University

Frequently Asked Questions

Georgian national university SEU tuition fees for international students

Tuition Fees for international students based on the subject of their study start from $3500.

– Medical
– Engineering
– Management
– Computer Science

Georgian national university SEU Ranking is #9441 in the World.

– Grade 12th Results. (Equivalent to A-Level)
– Transcript of Grades & Syllabus
– Valid Passport

yes, Georgian National University SEU is fully recognised by MCI and WHO.

SEU is Georgia’s biggest medical university in Europe and Good for Students who are looking forward to studying medicine in Georgia (Tbilisi)

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